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"Mike Stang is one of the most entertaining and talented bass players I've shared the stage with."

- Chris Bishop (Guitarist of Crobot)

"Mike is one of my top call players whenever artists ask me to bring in bass players. Not only is he a great & passionate player, but he always comes prepared for any situation, is comfortable in multiple styles of play and looks great on stage. He is super easy to work and hang with"

- Daniel Kashuck (Professional touring/studio drummer/MD/programer)

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"Mike was such a pleasure to work with! I still remember preparing for our very first show. He was so receptive and really brought a calming peaceful energy to the band. He was always so well rehearsed and able to play even the most unnatural programmed bass lines so well. Me and the other band mates always felt comfortable following his lead. As someone who's worked with many different musicians I can truly say he is an amazing talent."

- Aria Wunderland (Singer/Songwriter) LA/NY

"Mike really is a hot player.  He has his own great bass tone and his gutsy attitude.  The best sound is guaranteed when you play with Mike."

- Switchback J (Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter/Performer from Japan)

"I’ve never met a more creative writer and solid performer than Mike Stang. I wrote and performed with him for a decade in Hierosonic as well as co-created soundtrack material for my feature documentary Ungrip and video series Waking Infinity on Gaiam’s digital network. I needed a song for a commercial for the start up SPARMAT. He gathered a group, recorded and delivered a tune that blew me away in less than a month with no notice. He’s my “go-to” guy."

- Ben Stewart (Filmaker/songwriter/composer)

Films include: Kymatica, Ungrip, Esoteric Agenda, and Waking Infinity

"It was a pleasure recording with Mike at Sunset Sound in November 2016. He is very professional, has a great tone and is a fantastic bass player. I look forward to recording with him again!"

- Dave Allen (Professional session/touring drummer/Miranda Lambert) 

"I first contacted Mike Stang in Spring of 2015 when dates for my first U.S.A tour become solid. That lead me to place a search on the Web and Mike Stang came up.  As we started to work on the songs Mike showed full control on all songs, he actually charted them all few weeks before my arrival and learned them like he was a part of the band.  Mike was solid and didn't miss a note.

I was so happy from his playing so I asked him to join me for the recordings of my debut album that feature former Guitar player for the Black Crowes - Marc Ford. Again, Mike showed a wonderful control and talent on the bass.

Since then I have visited the U.S for 2 more tours and recordings in 4 different states which Mike took full part of. On stage Mike has a strong presence and showmanship.  Mike Stang is my "go to" option for a bass player when arriving stateside for a tour."

- Daniel Green (Guitarist/Songwriter of "The Daniel Green Show" from Tel Aviv, Israel)

"I actually had never met Mike Stang prior to working with him. He came highly recommended by a mutual friend and to say that he exceeded my expectations would be an understatement and a disservice to how awesome Mike is. You could get a bass player anywhere. They are a dime a dozen. What Mike brings to the table goes beyond technical ability, feel for the pocket, and sick groove…all of which he has in spades….no, what Mike brings is his nature, his professionalism, his energy, and his positive energy. He actually cares about making your songs come across with heart and that heart his personified in his work ethic and stage presence. On top of all of that, Mike is such a super person. He's a guy that you just want to be around because he makes the long rehearsals, the load-ins, the long tracking sessions much more enjoyable."

- Jon Chorba (Singer/Songwriter of The Liberty Underground)  Arlington, TX

"We booked the Dave Cavalier Band at MusikFest, the largest free music festival in the US, in August. I saw dozens of bands during the 10 day event, but the DCB really blew us away. Mike and his mates delivered the energy, the action and the was great. Looking forward to next time."
- Joe Hessmiller (ArtsQuest Performing Arts Board Member)

"I've toured with Mike since the early days with Hierosonic. I was first drawn to his charismatic stage pressence, then I became hypnotized by his playing. We grew closer on an East Coast tour we did together where I started to notice his healthy lifestyle and unmatched work ethic. He has since become one of my closest friends and absolutely my first call when I need a bass player for any situation."
- Zhach Kelsch (Professional touring/session drummer)  Philadelphia, PA

Mike is a total pro. He came in on short notice, learned the set in only two short rehearsals and then did the show with NO mistakes. Great feel and creativity in his playing. And he is a great guy. 1000% happy and more than willing to give him a great reference. Thanks Mike!

- Frank aka "NO" (Vocalist/guitarist of Revolushn)  San Fransisco, CA

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